Season XV


Season XV Serge Leblon and Lionel Jadot Les ignorants Two different practices, photography and design, and yet a shared common thread: an obsession with the organic and instinctive relationship with raw material. This relationship, which feeds their individual artistic practices has also led them today to collaborate for an exhibition project at Spazio Nobile. They did not want a simple juxtaposition of their personal work. Rather, Lionel and Serge aim to achieve an original body of work that combines their respective practices around a specific theme. The subject of this collaboration essentially imposed itself onto them: the modification of the body by the addition of machines and various objects that both constrain and enhance the body’s movement. Low-tech objects or scrap materials that will give birth to ephemeral human architectures. It is their DIY version of a certain transhumanism. A poetically imperfect version, where the philosophy of the arte povera is woven into the objects and machines of Lionel Jadot, between recycling and upcycling, will be grafted on individuals from everyday life.
Date event : 04-09-2020 Opening hours: 08-11-2020 Vernissage: / Tel: +3227682510 address: Rue Franz Merjay 142 1050 Brussels Website: