3 studio

Collectivity design

Studio City Gate
2pm > 6pm
Former factory, temporarily transformed into ateliers, Studio CityGate opens great possibilities to these 10 young brussels designers. Beyond the fact of sharing this space, what unites these creative people of diverse backgrounds is their practice rooted in crafts. May it be traditionnal, digital or experimental craft (woodworking, metalworking, jewelry, bookbinding, ceramic, textile design, furniture design). They are the designers but also the makers of their ideas.They invite you to come and discover their works in a collective exhibition that echoes to their open ateliers.

Date event : 20.09 > 22.09 Vernissage: 19/09/19 - 6pm > 10pm Tel: 497901381 address: 152 Rue des Goujons, 1070 Anderlecht Website: http://trois-studio.be