La Gadoue

Collectivity design

Studio City Gate
2pm > 6pm
Audrey Werthle:

Graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven in June 2016.
I define myself as a cross disciplinary creator.
My wish to focus on human being has led me to study product design netherless my quest for aesthetic and new materials is driving me beyond objects.
Fascinated by craftsmanship and industrial technique I am looking on how to divert them to get surprising results.
In a dematerialzed world where everything is accessible from internet, I want to create hyper sensitive objects and spaces to stay connected to our physical environment.

Eloise Maes:

I am a designer of processes, a researcher of materiality, a maker of creative solutions, a craftman of my own disciplines.
Trained in textile design at Duperré School (Paris 2011-2013), and graduated from the Design Academy of Eindhoven in 2016, I am a cross-disciplinary designer.
My curiosity has led me to learn several crafts and skills, from textile technics, fashion design, pattern making and modeling, to porcelain casting and glazing, 3D printing... They are my tools to express my creativity throughout multiple fields.

Date event : 19.09 > 22.09 Vernissage: 19.09 - 6pm > 10pm Tel: 478942009 address: 152 Rue des Goujons, 1070 Anderlecht Website: