La Gadoue

Collectivity design

Studio City Gate
2pm > 6pm

La Gadoue is the duo of Audrey Werthle and Eloïse Maës.
We are designers, but also craftswomen.
We design and produce ceramics and textiles in small series.

As a reaction to the increasing digitalization of our world, we are making objects that tend to reconnect people to their material environment. We are building a bridge between craft and industry by reinventing technics and processes.
Our products are made to last long and bear their own identity . We are using ceramics and textiles as a medium for experimentation.

Date event : 19.09 > 22.09 Vernissage: 19/09/2019 - 6pm > 10pm Tel: 478942009 address: 152 Rue des Goujons, 1070 Anderlecht Website: