Dominika Gacka I Julia Piekarska - “Green Yarns Lab” - Future Man 2052


Our Green Yarns Lab project aims to investigate the possibilities of creating modern, functional textiles, while limiting or even eradicating the negative environmental impact of mass-produced materials. We use durable, natural fibres, using materials derived from, among others, flax, nettles and milk. The colouring process is also natural and involves plant dyes. Our textiles are woven on a harness loom and, for the purpose of experimenting with various textures that offer a friendly tactile experience, samples are made on smaller, portable frames. A big part of the project is our research of the cultivation and production of fibres. We are constantly investigating the market for materials that are manufactured with minimal environmental impact, paying special attention to such parameters as the amount of water used, the reliance on pesticides, chemical dyeing and the process of yarn formation. Our philosophy is to exhaust the potential of natural materials and traditional techniques to create products that incorporate the best of modern design.
Date event : 09-09-2020 Opening hours: 18-09-2020 Vernissage: 08.09 at 6 p.m. (RSVP Tel: 02 230 96 18 address: Mont des Arts,8, Brussels 1000 Website: https://bds.lodzkie