Hey Jute

Collectivity design

Studio City Gate
2pm > 6pm
about Hey Jute:

Jute is the second most-cultivated textile fibre in the world. Industrial processing and chemical treatment destroy the natural qualities of this ecological material and it tends to be used in utilitarian cloth like cargo sacking. We do not make use of its full potential.

‘Hey Jute’ showcases the benefits of the raw fibre. Growing between two to five metres, the strands are incredibly long. And strong. The cushion highlights the length and lustre, while the wall hanging incorporates felted jute – an alternative treatment that keeps the strength and length intact, and for which specific tools and working processes were developed. Through collaborations with artists and artisans, different applications are being tested.

When the raw material has so much to offer, it’s time more people wake up to its value.

about me:

Alexander Marinus is forever curious. He keeps his eyes and ears wide open to the world and its people, always willing to make the most of every new experience and challenge. He is a thinker and a tinkerer, with words and images and material.

"I have a strong interest in the relationship between culture, society and nature. With an entrepreneurial drive I strive to bring them together."

Resourceful and hard-working, he enjoys learning and shaping projects from start to finish, even more so as part of a team with people from different backgrounds. He is a hippie and an entrepreneur but rarely operates alone.

He graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven and lives in his hometown Brussels. His work manifests a cool head and a warm heart, connected by an intuitive empathy.

Date event : 19.09 > 22.09 Vernissage: 19/09/2019 6pm > 10pm Tel: 0484 24 88 04 address: 152 Rue des Goujons, 1070 Anderlecht Website: https://www.alexandermarinus.com/heyjute