Zonder zonde (sinless) from Hartwerp and S.O.S Social from Surtout both take place in the public space and focus on the behavior of the users in that space and the social interaction that may or may not arise between them. 'zonder zonde' (sinless) is a series of eight public space furniture, with the aim to stimulate intimacy between two users. One design creates psychological intimacy, the other one is more physical. Four of the pieces are inspired by senses (smell, hearing, seeing and feeling). The other four are based on the Kama Sutra. These last ones are - without a doubt - more physical and require some agility. The three executed pieces are made of steel and have a pink layer of powder coating, a color that stands for intimacy. S.O.S Social is a collection of three public city banks. It is a toolbox to promote social interaction in urban public society and to make city dwellers aware of the benefits of meeting in their city. One piece of furniture from the collection will be shown during Design September. The Confident is based on the furniture of the same name from the time of Napoleon. The name refers to the discreet conversation that arises between two people when they use the furniture. The story goes that the seat was an invention so that man and woman could chat without touching each other's knees. Lien Van Deuren (Hartwerp) and Ellen Vlogaert (Surtout) graduated together at Thomas More in Interior design and furniture design.
Date event : 9-09-2019 Opening hours: 27-09-2019 Vernissage: 15.09.2019 - 2pm to 6pm Tel: 0488315616 address: Parc Jadot Burgemeestersstraat 15, 1050 Elsene Website: https://www.hartwerp.be/design-september