La Forêt de Lucia

Upcycling & Fablabs

The Forest is a space dedicated to the art of ware specializing in ceramics. This unusual place, kind of loft with us, is an oasis between outside and inside. Lucia sought a more intimate and confidential space to develop a different approach to the store as we know it. Presented in his shop, the ceramics of Tristan Philippe: "I am a father and I am forty years old. My relationship to creation, time, life, is completely upset. I need to give and transmit love, a story, a personal universe. I want to touch the own as well as figuratively. I discover slowness. I become the main man. My hands must become my tools again and the earth my material. I touch, I caress, guided by the balance of forces. The form is born. The block of earth becomes object: imperfect, beautiful, perennial."
Date event : 05-09-19 Opening hours: 30-09-19 Vernissage: du mardi au samedi de 11h00 à 18h30 Tel: 02/644 24 35 address: Rue Franz Merjay 156a, 1050 Bruxelles Website: