Expo – Pop-Up Store : «Waste’Up, Design & Upcycling : a creative network of Up-production.» Discover this POP-Up Store selling a limited edition of furniture and design accessories created in a partnership of « UP-Production ». The « Up-production » is a sustainable process of converting waste materials or useless products into new design furniture or accessories, of better quality or for better environmental value. This process is based on 3 fundamental values: design, recycling materials and social reintegration and formation. The design pole will be represented by Atelier 4/5, Hopop Studio, Géraldine Calbert, Mashüt Studio, Anna Zuber and Stéphanie Gosuin: 9 young Brussels’ designers specialized into upcycling design, which’ll be in charge for the conception of each prototype and its guideline of up-production. The reintegration pole will be represented by La FABRIK (Recyclart vwz): a rehabilitation and training workshop in carpentry and metalwork that’ll produce this limited edition according to the designers’ guidelines. Finally, the recycling pole will be represented by Riens asbl – Spullenhulp vwz, and will provide waste materials or useless products to be upcycled. This first collaboration will be a test for the development of a « Waste'Up » label and the establishment of a cooperative of Up-production.