Fernand Baudin Price

Each year, the Fernand Baudin Prize awards the Most Beautiful Books in Brussels and in Wallonia. In 2013, on the occasion of its 5th birthday, the Fernand Baudin Prize presents an exhibition showcasing the 44 prize-winning books of the 5 past editions, as well as a catalogue paying homage to Fernand Baudin, the Belgian typographer, author and teacher whose name has been associated with the Prize. The Fernand Baudin Prize is open to books of any category. The participating books are submitted to a selection made by an international jury composed of book professionals who each year question what a “most beautiful book” is. They notably discuss the formal criteria, know-how and realisation of the books in relation to their consistency with the books’ content. The jury members also pinpoint the innovativeness of the books within apparition and diffusion contexts that sometimes take place at the margins of a redefining book industry. By awarding the most beautiful books, the Fernand Baudin Prize seeks to support and encourage contemporary bookmaking in Brussels and in Wallonia, and to highlight graphic design as a creative industry. The Prize is an opportunity to promote the know-how of the book professionals and artisans, to provoke a critical outlook and to raise public interest towards the best productions, and to instigate international exchanges. Located in the Galerie Bortier, mainly occupied by second-hand booksellers and rare prints dealers, the exhibition showcasing the five years of the Fernand Baudin Prize offers a contemporary perspective on the book as a cultural product and as a graphic and editorial creation. The showcase testifies of the crucial mutations taking place in the book industry today. The exhibition is part of the transformation of the Galerie Bortier as a “creative platform” and as an information point for Design September 2013.