(...) The Royal Galleries opened in 1847 and have remained one of the chicest retail locations in Belgium ever since. Surrounded by fellow Belgian heritage brands, a cinema, two theaters and classic restaurants, Dandoy now occupies a space that is such a natural fit, it feels like the store has been there since day one. Despite the impressive location, the Dandoy owners wanted the store to feel accessible to everyone and be a place of connection, friendliness and warmth for all Brusseleirs and visitors. "Our goal is to make the customers feel at home", says Alexandre Helson, Chief Spectaculoos Officer of Dandoy. "First, we want to respect the history of the place, the building and the neighborhood that we occupy. Then we insert our Dandoy spirit and visual identity to make it ours." The graphic slab of recomposed marble that puts Dandoy's range of traditional biscuits on display, as well as a couple of ice cream flavors, cuts a striking figure against the backdrop of old wood cabinetry. A bookseller previously occupied the space and the original cabinets were gracefully repurposed as cookie displays and storage. The contrast of old world, regal architecture with contemporary touches like the custom printed fabric panels throughout the store, set the tone for a design that marries the old with the new. With tropical florals and birds eating Dandoy biscuits all over the walls, you find yourself in an inviting and whimsical space that is chic and cozy at the same time. Dandoy, still owned and operated by the founding family, approaches retail with a long-haul view. If they invest in a space, a neighborhood and a community, they plan to stick around for at least 30 years. The BaseDesign Spatial Designer in charge of the project, Erwin De Muer, took this view to heart and struck a beautiful balance between tradition and modernity, taking Dandoy into the 21st century and beyond. (...)