Mike & Becky are artisan chocolate-makers. We are receiving quality cacao beans from child-labour-free and sustainable plantations from around the world and turn them in our workshop into delicious, certified organic chocolate. Besides producing our chocolate, we do also sell bars from fellow award-winning chocolate-makers from around the world, tuning us into an Eldorado for chocolate lovers in Brussels. The third pillar of our concept is the ChocoLounge, a place to sit, relax and enjoy our artisan hot chocolate and pastries.  The overall idea for our recently opened atelier/shop/cafe at the Vanderkindere roundabout was to unite the three pillars and create a space of calmness, making it easy to focus and enjoy the fine artisan chocolate, in any form.  We worked with basic materials such as wood, glass, metal and marble. To balance the original beautiful Brussels-style floor tiles we decided to go for calm and clear lines. We divided the upper ChocoLounge into three rooms, Vintage, Nordic & Tropical, each with a set of fitting design elements, from cozy sofas to special design furniture and rainforest wall-paper and a relaxing aquarium.